Saturday, 18 June 2011

Happiness - practising peace

“Suppose you read about a pill that you could take once a day to reduce anxiety and increase your contentment. Would you take it? Suppose further that the pill has a great variety of side effects, all of them good: increased self-esteem, empathy, and trust; it even improves memory. Suppose, finally, that the pill is all natural and costs nothing. Now would you take it? The pill exists. It is meditation.” (Haidt) 
Meditation and gaining inner peace really can help to reduce anxiety and increase happiness, but for some, often those who need it most, it can seem like hard work with a concept that is far removed from the realities of daily life.

For those embarking upon the journey of meditation, help is on hand. Courses on mindfulness, yoga classes, meditation retreats, manuals and inspirational literature are all readily available.

Start practising peace and your relationship with the world will change for the better.

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