Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Happiness - growing gardens

We've reached our final thought on happiness - growing gardens.

Some people love gardening, some people don't see the point, but gardening can bring a sense of happiness to those who persevere. 

There is a lot to learn about gardening - which plants are weeds, which plants are suited to your garden, which plants need wrapping up or moving inside over winter, the list goes on.

You can’t make gardens grow, but you can optimise the conditions in which plants can flourish. Although not all conditions are in your control (the weather for example!) you can pick the plants that are best suited to the conditions available. So by a judicious mix of planning, tending and patient waiting, you can cultivate a natural wonder but, most importantly, you can enjoy the process.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our thoughts on happiness. We will be posting a resource containing our thoughts on happiness on our Borders website http://www.borderspsychology.co.uk very soon.

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