Monday, 27 February 2012

Stress is a popular topic

Dr Lindsey Burns speaks about stress

Professor Ewan Gillon and Dr Lindsey Burns talk about stress


First Psychology held a 'stress factor' event at Edinburgh's Missoni Hotel last week. It proved a big success with a full turnout of people interested in finding out more about managing stress.

The event, hosted by Counselling Psychologist Professor Ewan Gillon and his team, looked at the different ways people respond to stress and discussed how to build resilience to stress depending on 'your stress style'.

From the feedback we received after the event and the amount of interest from people wishing to attend, stress is clearly an issue that affects many people. This is not surprising given the busy nature of our lives coupled with the financial pressures many people are currently facing.

We have therefore decided to write a series a blogs based on the subject of stress and will be posting the first one soon so please do come back for more about managing stress.

In the meantime please do visit the advice and resources section on the website of your local First Psychology centre for more about stress and other common issues.

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