Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Mindfulness courses - book a place!

Mindfulness courses

First Psychology is holding a number of courses and workshops on mindfulness this autumn / winter. Mindfulness is a popular approach which has been demonstrated to reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing. It has its roots in ancient meditation practices and is incorporated in many popular pastimes, such as yoga and tai chi. 

Learning to be more mindful will allow you to bring your mind into the present moment and you will start to notice the things that have been passing you by, such as the feeling of the wind on your face, the sound of leaves rustling, and the smell of the air. 

As you become more mindful, your mind will focus less on thoughts about the past and the future. These thoughts create stress and prevent your mind from resting. Mindfulness will teach you to calm your mind.

For further details or to book a place, please click the links below:

An Introduction To Mindfulness (6 Week Course) >
starting Glasgow Monday 19 October 2015
starting Edinburgh Friday 6 Novemeber 2015

Mindfulness For Hectic Lives  - (A Short Workshop For Busy People) >
Inverness: 17 November 2015
Aberdeen: 19 November 2015
Dundee: 1 December 2015
Borders: 8 December 2015


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