Thursday, 26 February 2015

Raising Confident Children - 3 common myths about confidence

We all know from our own childhood (and adult) experiences that being confident greatly improves our chances of happiness and success in life. So how can you tell if your child is confident and are you doing the right things to help boost their confidence and self-esteem? We look at three common myths about confidence in children.

1. Praise is always good right? 
While it is true that praising your child is beneficial, overpraising is not.

Tip: Think about how often and why you praise your child. Only praise them for real achievements and be specific about your reasons for praising them.

2. If my child can speak in class and make themselves heard, they are confident, aren't they?
No, this is not necessarily the case at all. Children have different personalities and some children will be naturally quiet while others will be more outgoing.

Tip: Look for other signs that your child is confident, such as them being able to express their needs and wishes in an assertive way.

3. My child is very busy doing activities - I've been told that boosts confidence, is that right?
While taking part in after school and weekend activities is great for children it can mean there is little time left for one-to-one time with your child.

Tip: Try to set aside time with each of your children every day if possible, even if you only have five minutes with each child. Spending time with them away from distractions: playing a game, reading or asking them about their day will make them feel that you want to be with them and this will help them feel more confident about themselves.

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