Monday, 23 February 2015

Growing up with confidence - childhood to adulthood

Reading lots on social media today about the film 'Boyhood' due to its recent Oscar nominations.

Boyhood is the ultimate film about a boy growing up - it was filmed over a 12 year period using the same actors throughout. This allows viewers to marvel at each and every change in the boy's appearance and character, as he grows up and reaches manhood.

Of course, while the boy is really growing up during the film-making process, the film itself aims to represent the trials and tribulations of growing up. 

We all know this comes with many highs and lows. There are birthdays and parties, holidays and new friendships, but there are also numerous instances of sadness, humiliation and loneliness along the way. 

There is no doubt that while getting older is a beautiful and necessary process, it can be hard for children to go through the various stages of childhood and adolescence. We know this because we've all done it and no matter how happy your own childhood, looking back is likely to remind you of some unhappy, uncomfortable or downright embarrassing moments too.

With all the changes and new challenges on the journey from childhood to adulthood, parents, educators and carers often wonder how best to build confidence in their children. 

True inner confidence is not about saying how great you are, it is about believing it. Parents often worry that their quiet child lacks confidence, yet some of the most confident children are also fairly quiet, loud is not confident. Likewise many believe telling a child they are great will build their confidence - this is not true.

If you want to debunk the myths of raising confident children and find out what you can do that will really make a difference, then our workshops are for you!

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