Friday, 19 December 2014

Tips for happy partying

Today is what has historically been known in the UK as Black Friday / Mad Friday / Black eye Friday or Nasty Friday. It is the last Friday before Christmas and the most popular night for the office Christmas party, which makes it a busy night for the emergency services, hence its name.

The work night out is a good opportunity to get to know your colleagues socially, so if you have a work night out tonight, then read our tips for happy partying:

Ten tips for happy partying
  1. Don't leave it too late: get there early so you don't have to walk into a room full of people. Whether you know the people or not, it can be daunting walking into a room when a party is in full swing.
  2. Create a good first impression: when meeting new people remember to smile and make eye contact. 
  3. Ask people about themselves: everyone loves talking about themselves, so create a good impression by taking an interest in others. The more you ask people about themselves, the more likely you are to find common ground which makes for an easier conversation.
  4. Plan your trip home: make sure you've thought about your trip home and who will be driving. Try to travel with others if using public transport so you're not alone.
  5. Eat beforehand: if your party doesn't involve any substantial food, then eat before you go out if possible. This will fill you up and line your stomach, which will help soak up any alcohol you may consume and stop you from over-indulging on high fat party nibbles.
  6. Keep on top of your alcohol consumption: don't feel pressurised into drinking to keep up with others. Try to drink at your own pace and make sure that you have plenty of water or soft drinks too.
  7. Stay safe: don't leave your drinks unattended and don't accept drinks from a stranger. Keep an emergency number on your phone so it is easy for you to seek help quickly if necessary.
  8. Exercise during the day: try and get out for a stroll before the party to offset the negative effects of partying on your system.
  9. Relax: you will enjoy the party more if you are able to relax and have fun. If you feel anxious about meeting new people, try and calm yourself down with some deep breathing at intervals before and during the evening. Try and pick a time when you are alone, such as when visiting the bathroom, or take a breather outside so you can concentrate on your breathing. 
  10. After the party: Make sure you get enough sleep to enable your mind and body to rejuvenate. Too much partying and not enough time to catch up with essentials such as sleep and rest can leave you feeling frazzled. 
Enjoy your night out!

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