Friday, 10 May 2013

Is your relationship worth working at?

Deciding a relationship is over is one of the hardest things to do. You may feel torn, remembering once happy times while also feeling sad about how things are at present. In addition, when children and shared assets are involved, things can be very complicated. 

Unfortunately, there is no sure way to tell your relationship is over and no-one can make that decision but you, however the following questions may help you decide whether you want to put in the effort to make things better or end the relationship and move on.

1. Ask yourself, in your heart of hearts, is your partner the right person for you?

2. Does your partner make you a better person?

3. Are you afraid of losing your partner more than you're afraid of the break-up process.

4. Think about why you fell in love with your partner in the first place, are those reasons still enough?

5. Imagine yourself in ten years' time, do you see your partner with you?

6. Again, imagine your future self, do you think you would regret staying with your partner for so long?

7. Are you considering a break up with a calm and rational mind, having thoroughly thought it through? (Rather than in the heat of an argument).

8. Do you look forward to seeing your partner?

9. Are you faithful? Both physically and emotionally?

10. Is your relationship worth fighting for?

Breaking up with your partner may feel like the most devastating thing to happen, but it is important to believe that you can be happy again in the future. 

If thinking about your relationship has made you realise that what you have is worth working at, then you may wish to consider relationship counselling. This is a process during which an experienced, non-biased counsellor can help you identify issues and work through them.

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