Friday, 4 January 2013

Keeping your New Year’s resolutions

So you’ve set your 2013 resolutions, but now for the hardest part… keeping them. Evidence has shown that 40% of us give up our resolutions by the end of January. but if you follow this simple advice you can make 2013 a year for real change.

  • Put your resolutions in writing. Studies have shown that writing down your intentions improves your chances of sticking to them. 
  • Have a role model.  Find someone who has achieved what you want to achieve. Whether they are a celebrity or a friend, knowing that someone else has done it can give you the confidence to do it too. 
  • Pinpoint potential obstacles. Figure out a plan beforehand so you are prepared to tackle the situation. For example if you are going for dinner but are trying to diet, have a healthy snack beforehand so you aren’t so tempted to have a huge meal. 
  • Believe in yourself! As long as you have set yourself manageable goals you are more than capable of achieving them. 
  • Do it with a friend. Going through this together will give you someone who truly understands what you are facing. You can motivate and confide in each other. 
  • Don’t let the fear of failure stop you. Just imagine the feeling when you have achieved your goals to keep you determined. 
  • Try not to think of your resolutions as challenges, but rather as new habits. If you're in a routine, you are much more likely to stick it out. 
  • If you think there are deeper reasons why you cant achieve your goals. Consider speaking to an experienced psychologist who can help you get to the root cause of them problem. 
Good Luck and Happy New Year!

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