Friday, 28 December 2012

Setting achievable New Year’s resolutions

2013 is fast approaching and we probably all have some goals that we wish to achieve in the next year. However statistics show that only 12% of us actually stick to our New Year’s resolutions. This is largely due to our tendency to set unachievable goals that undoubtedly lead to failure. This year follow our five top hints and tips to setting your goals and you can achieve success.

  • Don’t go too big. Realistically, are you going to be able to go to the gym five times a week? Instead aim smaller, such as trying to cycle to work or going for a jog at the weekends. Setting achievable goals will keep you positive. 
  • Don’t restrict yourself, having broad goals allows for more personal evolution and growth. 
  • Break your resolution into manageable steps. Rather than trying to lose a stone over the whole year, set yourself a target for the next three months. This will keep you more focused and make it seem less daunting. 
  • Don’t only choose resolutions that are chores, such as giving up smoking or losing weight. Pick goals that you’ll enjoy doing such as fulfilling a childhood dream or doing something that inspires you. 
  • Think long and carefully about what the negative areas of your life are. Choose small changes that will help to stop any behaviours/situations that cause them. For example if you seem to be constantly in debt, try avoiding looking around the shops in your lunch break. 
  • Make sure you pick something meaningful to you. If you set your resolution purely because you feel as if it is something that you should do rather than want to do, it is unlikely you will achieve it. 
Setting these goals is the first phase of a great 2013. Come back next week for advice on how to maintain these resolutions.

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