Friday, 7 December 2012

Mind the age gap

You've managed to navigate yourself through the difficult world of dating and have finally found 'the one' to share your Christmas with, but can it last forever if there's a large age gap between you?

Large age gaps can be a big issue, whether it's because you're at different stages in life or feel under constant scrutiny from family and friends. However, there are couples who have successful and happy relationships despite this. Here are our top tips for dealing with age differences in relationships.

  • Be confident with your relationship. If other people see how happy you both are they will be less likely to criticise you. 
  • Do not modify your own behaviour to act your partner’s age. 
  • Do not expect your partner to change their behaviour. 
  • From the beginning be aware of future difficulties. For example if only one of you wants children you need to figure out if that is a deal breaker. 
  • Use the age gap to your advantage. The older partner probably has more life experience which the younger partner can benefit from and the younger partner can bring a new outlook and energy into the relationship. 
  • If your older partner has achieved more than you, (e.g. at a better stage in their career) do not let them overshadow your accomplishments. Be proud of the goals you've reached and continue to go for them. 
  • Remember, age really is just a number. If you feel a connection and both want the same things… just go for it!

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