Friday, 30 December 2011

Coaching for weight management

With New Year almost upon us, we often think about what we would like to change or improve about ourselves in the coming year, and one of the most common goals is to lose weight. Despite wanting to lose weight and knowing that we would benefit from doing so, it can seem that how ever hard we try we simply can't get started. When we do, we often fall at the first hurdle.

Choosing a new diet or joining the gym might be the answer, but equally, there is an alternative approach that can produce amazing results - coaching for weight management.

Our First Psychology centres in Glasgow and Edinburgh currently offer a course of six individual coaching sessions which can help clients identify what is preventing them from successfully losing weight and offer ways to break down these barriers. We tailor our approach to each individual’s personal circumstances and establish a plan of action to give clients a sense of control and direction over the process.

Through coaching, we help establish realistic goals for personal health and weight and support clients in working towards these. We aim to identify unhealthy patterns and habits, using a variety of tools and techniques, to enable clients to identify and remove triggers to behaviours that prevent weight loss.

Coaching, in general, can help clients achieve the healthy lifestyle they want, improve self-esteem and also provide a sense of purpose.

Lifestyle and performance coach, Dr Lindsey Burns, offers a range of coaching courses at our Edinburgh and Glasgow centres. For more information, please contact your local First Psychology centre who wish you all a very Happy New Year:

Edinburgh: 0131-668-1440,
Glasgow: 0141-404-5411,

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