Thursday, 1 December 2011

Anger Awareness Week starts today

Christmas, for some, is a joyous time of year but for others it can be stressful and fraught with arguments. From small things such as everyone wanting to watch something different on the TV, to being overworked, the kids playing up, the in-laws staying, and relationships in general being put under strain. Everyone feels angry at some time, not just at christmas, but the key is how you express this anger.

The aim of National Anger Awareness Week, which starts today until 7 December, is to increase understanding of the underlying causes of anger and equip people with strategies to reduce their own and others' anger in an effective way.

Anger is not always a bad thing - it has in the past, driven people to make changes for the better. For instance, had women not responded with anger to their treatment then there would have been no Suffragette movement or women’s vote. In general however, anger can be very destructive and while some believe this emotion is genetic, others feel it is learned.

It is difficult to say what the causes of anger are because we all lead such different lives, but anger results from being hurt emotionally, whether this be embarrassment, a feeling of defensiveness, or rage which has pent up when we're dissatisfied with a particular situation.

Anger and depression can go hand in hand too. If a family member/friend is being unusually aggressive for no apparent reason, they may be suffering from depression or finding it difficult to express or deal with their tension and irritability in a constructive way. Learning to deal with anger and related feelings is the answer.

For tips on how to control your anger, look out for our next blog. In the meantime, if you think you might benefit from talking to one of our experienced practitioners or you would like to book an initial session, please contact your local First Psychology centre. 

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