Friday, 21 January 2011

Men, therapy and mental well-being

Dr Ewan Gillon gave a talk on men's mental health and wellbeing at a Men's Health Forum conference earlier this week. For more about the Men's Health Forum see

Men are often taught to keep things to themselves - to be 'big and strong' and not to admit any weaknesses. When it comes to health, it can take a lot for a man to seek help.

Therapy can appear very daunting to men - over the years it has been associated with women, but men need help just as much as women.

Many men just don't ask for help when they need it - they try and cope with things themselves. So it is vital when men do take that leap of faith and come for help, that they are treated in a way that doesn't put them off.

Everyone is different, of course, and we can't speak for everyone, but we have found many of the men who seek help at our centres feel re-assured by the availability of male therapists.

We have also found that goal-oriented therapy, such as Cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT), can work very well, although it is also important to address and work on difficult feelings that a man may be experiencing, such as low mood, anxiety, anger, etc.

For more about what we can offer male clients at our centres, see for Edinburgh, for Glasgow, or for Borders

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