Monday, 17 January 2011

Five tips to a healthy relationship

It's common knowledge that relationship problems can reach an all time high in January.

This is often attributed to the intensity of the holiday period making people feel they've had enough, but also because January is the traditional time for taking action to make things better for the rest of the year!

So here are five tips to a more healthy relationship.
  1. Make time each day to talk - communication is the key to a healthy relationship. 
  2. Be realistic about what you expect of each other - try to put yourself in your partners shoes.
  3. Be yourself, but that doesn't mean being stubborn and only doing things your own way. Try to be flexible and compromise with your partner too.
  4. Share your feelings with your partner on a regular basis and talk about the things you love about him/her.
  5. Keep a balanced life - make room for yourself and your interests as well as room for each other. Everyone needs time and space to grow!
If you think you need help to save your relationship,  a relationship counsellor or couples counsellor might be able to help. To read a case study about how this type of counselling helped Joanne and Paul with their relationship difficulties see

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