Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Tips for a happy social season

Are you a party animal? Psychological research suggests that whether you're an introvert or an extravert your wellbeing may benefit from some socialising. If the idea of socialising has you running for the hills, we've put together some tips to make things run smoother during the party season.

  1. Ease the anxiety of having to enter a room full of people by turning up early. Usually at the beginning of a party or event, there are people on their own or in small groups waiting for others. It is a lot easier to get talking to people who are on their own or in small groups, but couples are best avoided.
  2. Remember to use your body. People often forget that their bodies give as much away about them as what they say and do. Try to keep your body language open - stand facing or side on to other people, avoid crossing your arms, and don't bury your head in your phone and risk cutting off the chance of interaction. When you do encounter people, try to smile and use appropriate eye contact to make a good impression. 
  3. Ask people about themselves. Everyone likes talking about themselves and it's a great way to find common ground. Do remember to keep the conversation light and avoid asking personal questions until you know them better.
  4. Eat well beforehand. This may sound strange but often when people are nervous they stop eating. Going to a party and drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is unlikely to create a good impression. Have something light to eat before you go.
  5. Try to relax. Remind yourself that you are just as good and likeable as everyone else and be yourself. Really make an effort to engage with others, but don't try to be the life and soul of the party if you're not that person. People value genuineness in others. 

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