Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Remember remember men's health

Thanks to the 'Movember' Foundation, we don't just remember, remember the 5th of November, but men's health issues throughout November too.

Men are often reluctant to seek help for a number of reasons, so when a man is feeling physically or mentally unwell, it is often a partner or a friend who persuades him to seek help - in many cases as a last resort.

"Many of our male clients in particular have struggled for years before seeking help," said Professor Ewan Gillon, Clinical Director of First Psychology Scotland. A practising psychologist, Professor Gillon works with male and female clients in his personal clinics and takes a keen interest in how men seek help.

"Us men are brought up to hide our feelings and be strong and it can be hard to admit needing support," he said.

While not cultivating his own 'movember' moustache, Professor Gillon believes the Movember Foundation's aim to get men talking about their health and taking action is vital to the health of men.

"There used to be a common belief that men were less susceptible to certain conditions, such as depression and eating disorders, but more recent thinking is that the symptoms are often different in men and have therefore gone undetected. Raising awareness of men's health is a vital step towards men getting the help they need," he said.

The Movember Foundation aims to change the way men think by introducing an element of fun into this otherwise serious issue. The moustache creates a talking point for men to engage and talk about their health and do something about it.

If you would like to support the Movember Foundation by growing a moustache for November, or if you would like some general information on men’s health, visit the Movember Health Tips page,

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