Saturday, 23 March 2013

Conquering the weight loss demons

It’s almost been three months since we set our New Years resolutions and many of us may have already slipped. One resolution that is particularly hard to keep is weight loss - especially with all the tempting Easter eggs filling the shelves! However, don’t give up, it is not too late to lose weight. Here are our top tips to conquer your weight demons and accomplish your goals:

  • Many of us eat because we have a deep emotional attachment to food. If you're feeling stressed or sad don’t be tempted to grab the ice cream, instead go for a walk or call a friend. 
  • Studies have shown that couples tend to have similar BMIs and eating habits. This does mean that losing weight as a couple is much more effective than going it alone so encourage your partner to join you. However, be careful not to force or guilt them into it because this will only lead to resentment. 
  • Keeping a food diary helps you realise how much you actually eat. You’ll be surprised how the little snacks add up. 
  • It has been shown that people eat more when they aren’t concentrating on their food. Stay away from the television and you’ll pay more attention to your body’s natural satiety signals. 
  • Don’t be too rigid with your diet. There’s no point in losing weight and being miserable, so if you feel like chocolate have one square! They key is moderation and you’ll be less likely to completely fall off the wagon. 
  • Don’t make exercise a chore. Make it fun by going for a jog with a friend or do a salsa class. 
  • Don’t be critical of your own body. Look at yourself in the mirror every day and point out something you like. This will help you become happier with yourself. 
  • Avoid comparing yourself to others. There are some people who can just eat more than others without piling on the pounds. Making comparisons will just make you feel bad. 
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy has proven to help with weight loss. Together, you and the therapist can get to the root cause of your eating habits and identify and modify your thinking habits. 

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