Friday, 15 February 2013

Dealing with rejection

At some point in our lives we all deal with rejection. Even if we’re smart, beautiful or funny, rejection hits us hard, especially when it comes from those closest to us. Despite the hurt we may feel immediately, rejection doesn’t need to stop us in our tracks. Whether you feel rejected from your partner, a job or a friend you can use the pain as an opportunity to grow stronger by following this advice.

  • Think about the positives. The most important thing to do is not measure your worth against the opinions of others. Instead think about your achievements and all the people that do care about you rather than focussing on the negatives. 
  • Think of reasons behind the rejection. Understanding that it wasn’t personal can be a big help in moving on. 
  • Look to the future. Despite what fairy tales led us to believe growing up, it takes time to find 'the one'. If someone you thought you had a future with has rejected you then they were probably not your perfect partner! Try to view the experience as taking you one step closer to  'the one'. 
  • Look for the common factors. If you have had a series of rejections, think about the common factors. Were you consistently drawn to unsuitable jobs/partners? 
  • Be truthful. Don't be tempted to lie at the beginning of a new job or relationship. It is likely to lead to rejection later on. 
  • Don’t be put off from dating or job searches after a rejection. Each time, place and person is different and the next opportunity could be the right one for you. 
While being rejected may be out of your control, the way you deal with it is not. Be positive, don’t take it to heart and keep looking to the future! With the right attitude you will look back one day and thank the person that rejected you because it can lead to bigger and better things!

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