Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Unlock your creativity

Life can sometimes feel like groundhog day - get up, go to work, come home, watch TV and then go to bed. As we grow up, we neglect our playful side and the many activities we once enjoyed. We often find ourselves cruising through life on autopilot.

With the holidays nearly here however and perhaps a little more time on our hands, there is no better time to unlock our creativity and bring some joy back to our lives. Here are some tips suggested by Allison Arden, author of The Book of Doing: Everyday Activities to Unlock Your Creativity and Joy.

  1. List three activities you enjoyed as a child and start doing them. 
  2. Read biographies of people who’ve inspired you. 
  3. Sketch pictures of people and objects everyday – sitting still for a while may allow you to see things from a new perspective. 
  4. Train for something – this could be anything from a marathon to a bike-a-thon. Starting gradually and building up to something slowly can make you feel competent and empowered. 
  5. Write down three things you want to achieve on your birthday - give this list to a friend who will put it in your birthday card the following year so that you can see what you’ve accomplished or consider what stopped you from achieving your goals. 
  6. Learn the evolution of something that interests you – you can do this by asking where, what, how and why? 
  7. Start a new tradition – for instance, every time you go on holiday, create a photo album on your return. 
  8. Re-read your favourite stories as a child. 

With adulthood comes responsibility but this doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun. By discovering activities we enjoy, we can connect with others and the world around us in a positive way.

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