Friday, 4 May 2012

How to go with the flow

Continuing on from our last blog on flow, we are most likely to find it, it seems, when we are faced with a task that has a clear goal or when our skills are fully immersed in completing a task which is challenging, but attainable. 

If our task is too easy, flow can be restored by increasing its difficulty but if it’s too great a challenge, acquiring new skills can help us to resume this state of flow.

Flow can occur in all aspects of life, but is particularly useful for enhancing performance in the following areas:

Education - overlearning a skill or concept can help us experience flow, as can stretching ourselves beyond our current level of ability.

Sports - engaging in a challenging athletic activity that is achievable but that, once again, slightly stretches our ability, can help us reach flow. Flow enables athletes to gain a sense of mastery of their performance and lose any self-consciousness they may feel.

Work – allowing ourselves to completely focus on a task or project at work, can cultivate flow like an author writing a novel.

Flow not only makes our lives more fulfilling and enjoyable, it can also enhance learning performance and skill development as we constantly seek out challenges and knowledge to assist us in finding and going with the flow.

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