Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Valentine's Day - overcoming social anxiety and shyness

It cannot have escaped your attention that Valentine's Day (14 February) is looming ever closer!

Valentine's day is when we traditionally exchange cards, gifts and romantic gestures with our intimate companions to tell them how we feel about them. For this reason, at this time of year, the shops are awash with hearts, flowers and chocolates. For more about Valentine's Day and the history and traditions surrounding it visit's_Day

Some people, of course, will not have an intimate companion, or may choose not to take part in Valentine's Day this year for their own reasons. Others, however, may lack the confidence,  dread meeting people, or feel socially anxious. It is not unusual to feel anxious when meeting new people, but when the levels of anxiety make meeting an intimate companion difficult, extreme shyness or social anxiety may be the cause.

If this sounds like you, you will be pleased to hear there are things you can do to make things better. To find out more about shyness and social anxiety and what you can do to improve things visit

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