Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Getting your 'foot in the door'

We receive many emails and letters from students wishing to work with us to build experience, prior to applying to train in psychology. We all remember what it is like to be starting out, and do try to help when we can, but we were really delighted to read a new book 'Psychology - my foot in the door'  by Sarah Parry. This explains in detail the different avenues open to anyone interested in psychology as a career, focusing on the different types of 'psychologist ' (there are quite a few...) and spells out, in easy terms, the steps you may need to take to qualify and get a job in the field.  The book features some useful case studies, including one by our very own Counselling and Health Psychologist, Dr Ewan Gillon, and is an easy way of answering many of those questions that come to mind when starting out in psychology. It is available at good booksellers, and in keeping with the times, has its own facebook group, on!/home.php?sk=group_123630684362304&ap=1 

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