Saturday, 9 December 2017

How to have a stress-free soirée

Whether you’ve been chosen by your boss to plan a Christmas event or volunteered to host a New Year's party after a few too many mulled wines, we’ve got you covered. This time of year, it’s important not to get weighed down by your responsibilities and impossible expectations. Try to remember that these events are meant to be enjoyable for everyone, even you!

One of the main stressors around the Christmas period comes from our tendency to set unrealistic goals for ourselves. When we don’t achieve these goals, it can leave us feeling disheartened or as if we have failed at something. So how do we set realistic goals?

Well, it can be helpful to split larger goals, down into more manageable sections. For example, instead of ‘Organise party’ which is very difficult to monitor and delegate, try something like this,
  • Look into event venues suitable for a party 
  • Decide on venue and book date (Have a Plan B, just in case!) 
  • Put together a guest list in consultation with interested parties 
  • Write out/design invitations and deliver 
  • Chase up invitees to get final numbers 
  • Put your feet up and relax! 
As you move through these actions, tick them off as you go. This will ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and will also remind you of the achievements you’ve made so far!

Setting your goals

Don’t sit on your work break, scribbling down ideas, while simultaneously trying to eat a sandwich and sip your coffee. Choose a time and a place where you can feel relaxed and ready to embrace your role. Maybe put on your favourite album or grab your most festive candle to get you in the party mood!


Another important stress-free factor is to ensure you allow yourself enough time for each task. Rushing through your list in one sitting means you're more likely to look back on it critically at a later date and are not taking the time to enjoy your role as party planner. Create a timeline and make sure you allow plenty of leeway in your schedule to stay away from your stress zone.

Stay organised

As much as it might not be your style to keep the different areas of your social life in colour co-ordinated files, a certain level of organisation when planning a social event can make your life easier. Create an ‘event’ folder (online or paper) that you can easily access whenever a new idea springs to mind, or you need to confirm numbers.

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