Thursday, 23 April 2015

Depression Awareness: Helping Men Seek Help

This week is depression awareness week and in our previous post we looked at what depression is.

At First Psychology Scotland's centres we work with people of all ages and from all types of background and we see the evidence every day. Depression doesn't just affect one type of person - anyone can suffer from depression at any point in their life.

Men are often overlooked

However when it comes to thinking about depression, men are often overlooked. There are a number of reasons for this. Traditional ways of assessing people for depression looked at the symptoms which up until recently had been the symptoms reported by women. That is because women are more likely to seek help. Indeed many men have been brought up to be big and strong and not to cry or admit weakness. They may not share their feelings with their friends, family or even their partner. This can prevent men seeking help.

The signs that a man may need help

Men actually experience the same range of issues and problems as women, but their coping strategies differ and they may drink excessively or take drugs, over-work, eat unhealthily or undertake risky/self-harming behaviours to deal with their feelings. 

Does therapy work for men?

Once men have got over the initial hurdle of admitting they need help, therapy can be a huge relief, allowing them to open up about their feelings in a safe environment where they won't be judged. Indeed surveys have shown that men and women report and equal level of satisfaction with the experience of therapy and counselling. 

Further information

If you would like further information about our 'therapy for men' service, please visit our website >

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