Thursday, 4 December 2014

Spotting the signs of alcohol dependency

As Scotland prepares to tighten up its drink-drive alcohol limits tomorrow in the run up to the festive period, we take a look at alcohol addiction and how to spot the signs.

According the government statistics, one in every 13 adults is dependent on alcohol in the UK and that can make for a very miserable festive period if you or a partner or close family member are one of those affected.

It can be hard to identify whether you or someone you know is hooked on alcohol. People who are addicted often don't realise it and even when they do, they may not admit it to themselves or others. However, here are some signs to look out for.
  • Stealing 
  • Lying and being unusually secretive 
  • Extreme mood changes 
  • Weight changes 
  • Mixing with different groups, new/unusual friends 
  • Alteration in sleeping patterns - sleeping more / less and at different times 
  • Having lots of cash one minute and none the next 
  • Changes in energy levels
If you recognise these signs in yourself or someone you know and feel you need help, take a look at our information sheet for lots of advice on dealing with alcohol dependency

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